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I cried a river (I)

(castellano abajo) One day, back in April 2013, I startedcrying.
Just like that. It was a heartbroken weeping, like something was being torn from inside me. It was somewhat more of a tantrum than merecrying, complete with hiccuping and shortness of breath. Big tears flew down my cheeks that would be the envy of any Studio Ghibli character.
The problem started when thecryingdidn't stop that day. I wascryingnon-stop for the whole next week. I wept tears as I ate, and watching a movie was just plain impossible in the middle of that flooding. I was too ashamed to go out because I couldn't control that. I think I only stopped when I fell asleep, exhausted; and even then, I used to wake up with wet cheeks.
And that wasn't even the worst. All this came with a feeling of being stuck deep down a well. Of being crap inside a black hole, narrow, deep and wet from which I would never get out. In which I would drown like a shrunken Alice in the rabbit hole. A small, worthless little …